Free Recording Time Offer


Am looking for a Manchester-based band who have songs rehearsed and ready to record, and who can come and spend a day in Manchester city centre before the end of September (the sooner the better).

The purpose for me is to field test some new gear in a new location I’ve not recorded in before. The benefit to you is that you walk away with full ownership of whatever we produce.

Read on for more details, and contact me at

How to land yourself a freebie:
First off, this is not a talent contest. The decision on who to record will be more to do with fitting in with the kinds of tests I need to run on my gear than anything else. For this particular experiment, I’m looking for a pretty loud guitar band with a solid drummer.

I’ll need to hear what you sound like. Even if this is a scrappy recording of a rehearsal done on a phone, send it over. I’ll be listening to the songs and the performance, not the recording quality.

Alternatively, if you have a gig or you rehearse in the Manchester area, I can come over and see you play.

What we’ll be doing
We will be recording for a day in a venue I want to try out in Manchester City Centre. I’ll then be mixing the results and handing over complete ownership to you, to do with as you please.

What you get:

  • Planning session
    This is separate from the recording time and won’t intrude on it.  Ideally, this would be at a rehearsal so I can look at your gear and how you set up.
  • One day recording time
    This includes set-up, basic tracks and overdubs.  The number of songs that can be done in that time is dependent on the complexity of the material and desired production style, but two or three songs is entirely possible with a well-rehearsed band.
  • Transfer to mixing rig and initial draft mix
    This is done by me alone in my mixing room (it’s boring to watch, trust me).
  • Revised mix based on your feedback
    You are welcome to drop in on this session, or we can do revisions remotely based on notes.
  • Mix time is additional to the recording time and will not intrude on it.
  • Complete Ownership
    There are no strings attached. I don’t expect any kind of points or royalties or payment in kind whatsoever. This is a research and development expense for me.

What I get:

  • Permission to stream at least part of each final track as work samples on my website.
  • Your patience while I work out any issues with what I’m testing. If there are any substantial gear issues that prevent us getting stuff done, I’ll add the extra time in no problem.
  • You have to pay for the biscuits.