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Remixing Erasure’s ‘Elevation’



Another Club Clique remix, and some of the fastest work we’ve ever done. Completely done and dusted in two sessions of about six hours each (mixing aside).

Partly, this is because it came in the middle of a flurry of work, so we were leaner and meaner than Vasquez from ‘Aliens’ that week. But also partly because it’s such a great song (as you’d expect from Erasure) and Andy Bell’s vocal performance is killer.

The Richard X-produced original had a long-ish instrumental intro, so we decided to start with the vocal. Because hey, it’s Andy Bell singing, a sound which produces instant joy. We also thought no Erasure comeback would be complete without a big stomping piano house classic, in the mould of Frankie Knuckles’ remix of ‘The Pressure’ by Sounds of Blackness.

Can’t remember most of the details now, but I know the piano is 4Front’s TruePianos, there are a bunch of z3ta+2 synth sounds, and a bit of tomfoolery with a white noise generator and Tone2’s Bifilter 2 plugin. There are orchestral timpani samples in there from somewhere too. Because you can never go too far.

NYPC – Things Like You (Oh The Gilt remix)


Here’s something from one of my other guises, as part of Oh The Gilt (a remixing project with John Doran, editor of The Quietus).


I think this one was rattled off (apart from mix and master) in about a day and a half. I always like to work fast, but that was atypically speedy. God knows why, sometimes you just get lucky and the wind is behind you.

Charlotte OC – Hangover – Club Clique Remix

CharlotteOCWas a great pleasure to work on this recently, for the lovely people at Stranger Records. Yet another track in the ever-growing treasure chest of Clique remixes. We reckon Charlotte’s going to be a fairly big deal this year.

YouTube and Soundcloud below.



I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me

Awesome YouTube clip using one of the first ever Club Clique remixes. Some fantastic finger choreography in there.

Can’t remember the exact date, but I think we made this remix about two and a half years ago.

Cat Power – Manhattan – Club Clique remix

Something the Clique DJs and I knocked up for DJing purposes last year. As Ms Marshall was in the UK recently, we thought we’d stick it up on the internet.

Can’t remember all the details of the production now, but it features me on live bass and e-bow guitar.

The basic idea was that the original is a sort of reflective, contemplating the city on the train to work in the morning song.  So we thought it would be good to get that song really drunk and take it out on a Saturday night.

Also remixed the video for good measure:

John Foxx – Underpass – Oh The Gilt remix – released at last

Well, after sitting on the shelf for seven months, this is finally out at the end of May. Still really pleased with this one.

Limited edition, all stamped and numbered.


East India Youth – Heaven How Long – Oh The Gilt Remix

East India Youth’s brilliant Hostel EP was the first release on The Quietus’s record label, and myself and Quietus editor John Doran, in our guise as Oh The Gilt did this remix for it.

An absolute joy to work on, great song, and a fantastic vocal performance. Lots of foley on this too, with the rain and all the weird metallic sounds being created in my flat.

In my mix room, I’ve got a TV over to the left of where I sit, that I can just about see out of the corner of my eye. I had Blade Runner on with the sound down while I mixed this one. Only realised later how appropriate it was, what with the rain and the general moodiness.


HMV commercial

Blimey, it’s the remix that refuses to die.

Almost a year after it was first out, here’s the Clique Remix of Lana Del Rey’s Video games backing an HMV TV spot.

There’s something almost profound about this lament to doomed romance being used as a backing to an effort to sell off surplus stock of the Playstation 3 Spider-Man game. My early 20s in a nutshell right there. Long story.

John Foxx – Underpass (Oh The Gilt remix)

Can’t put a stream to this up yet, as it’s not officially out til early 2013 (UPDATE, May 2013 – it’s finally out! More here). But it’s mad, scary, long and has been described by the man himself as “excellent”.

A very great honour to work on such a seminal synth pop track. Here’s the original in the meantime:

The Heartbreaks – Polly (Club Clique Remix)

Fairly dense and complex production this. Obeys the you’re-never-100%-satisfied rule in that I wish I could go back and tweak the mix. Opening riff sound could be much better, and it’s too bass-heavy overall. But the band liked it, and there’s a lot I’m really pleased with, especially the drum programming, which starts off fairly minimal and gets full-on Keith Moon at the end.

A treat to have such a great vocal to work with. The original track is a lot more rawk, but we thought there was a more Pulp-style weird pop song in there trying to get out, so we shamelessly camped it up.

Slightly unusual process, in that Ian wasn’t available for the first couple of sessions, so it was mainly myself and Damien working on it at first. And as is easy to do, we got perhaps overly attached to what we’d done and a bit protective over it when he arrived at the third session and suggested a long list of fairly radical changes. All of which he was right about, somewhat annoyingly.

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