Production and mix for Goldblade

I did vocal tracking, some arrangement and production, and mixes for two tracks on the new Goldblade LP, Terror Of Modern Life:


Excerpts below by kind permission of Goldblade:

The title track is a big, long, scary noise thing, with multiple tracks of atonal bass and guitar, and was frankly a bugger to mix. The other, Serious Business, is a sort of punk dub reggae thing, and myself and Brother John Robb had a good time aping Lee Scratch Perry and Prince Far I’s chaotic production trickery.

I can confirm that there is no sweeter revenge on noisy neighbours than having Mr Robb round screaming the word TERROR.

We improvised a vocal booth out of a guitar case, a couple of duvets and an SE Reflexion Filter. The mic used was the SE x1 condenser. John’s a pretty forceful singer, so I had to find a way to have him a bit off the mic, without letting room reflections colour the sound. Both songs were done in just a couple of takes, plus overdubs.