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Recording sound effects at MOSI

Excellent day out at the Museum of Science and Industry recording sound effects for an upcoming project.

Needed a bunch of hissing and clanking of heavy machinery so asked the staff to direct us to “stuff that makes a lot of noise”. We were sent to “The Power Room”, which contains some of the most fantastically absurd-looking machines I’ve ever seen in my life.


This particular colossus, via a complex system of enormous gears and pulleys culminated in a small steel peg hammering up and down. Not quite sure what it does. My colleague speculated that it might be history’s most committed hole-punch.


I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me

Awesome YouTube clip using one of the first ever Club Clique remixes. Some fantastic finger choreography in there.

Can’t remember the exact date, but I think we made this remix about two and a half years ago.

Studio maintenence in the 21st century

… is satisfyingly sci fi. Half expected it to start singing Daisy Daisy and throw me out of the airlock.

"Daisy, Daisy..."

Geek Life

Got home today and not only had my Palmer active signal splitters (with polarity inversion and ground lift switches) been delivered, but there was also an In Our Time about General Relativity queued up on iPlayer.

Dear reader, I PUNCHED THE AIR.

It was amazing. I finally truly understood the nature of curves in spacetime at the precise moment I first played the solo from Stairway to Heaven through two amps at once. Whatever you did tonight, I guarantee you didn’t get a head rush like that.


I Am Pumped to the Hilt About the Goldblade LP Reviews


I may have only been involved on two tracks, but I can’t deny that the universal praise for Goldblade’s ‘Terror Of Modern Life’ LP is giving me the warm fuzzies all over.

The band themselves are keeping a log of them here:

Here are some quotes about the tracks I worked on:

Mass Movement Magazine
“… the band explore something completely new in the eight minute title track which sounds like an out of control jam between PIL, Killing Joke and Sunn o)))”

Soundsphere Magazine
‘The Terror Of Modern Life’, is over eight minutes long, and it’s certainly not the average punk belter. It builds, motivating the listener before the spoken-word vocals kick in and a wall of immersive sound takes over”

Closewatch Music
“The end track… is 8 minutes of venom. A fitting end in my mind.”

Muso’s Guide
“a chugging, distorted fuck you to those uncomfortable with innovation in punk music.”

“… Serious Business, a welcome detour into dub-splashed ska-rock that makes like Ghost Town with enough unhinged charm to forgive the clear influence.”

“Serious Business is one of the highlights with its lairy Rastamouse vocals”

Pure Rawk
“Serious Business” sounds like something the Clash might have come up with”
“… the potential hit single, Serious Business… ”

… I could go on. Read more on Goldblade’s site.

Production and mix for Goldblade

I did vocal tracking, some arrangement and production, and mixes for two tracks on the new Goldblade LP, Terror Of Modern Life:


Excerpts below by kind permission of Goldblade:

The title track is a big, long, scary noise thing, with multiple tracks of atonal bass and guitar, and was frankly a bugger to mix. The other, Serious Business, is a sort of punk dub reggae thing, and myself and Brother John Robb had a good time aping Lee Scratch Perry and Prince Far I’s chaotic production trickery.

I can confirm that there is no sweeter revenge on noisy neighbours than having Mr Robb round screaming the word TERROR.

We improvised a vocal booth out of a guitar case, a couple of duvets and an SE Reflexion Filter. The mic used was the SE x1 condenser. John’s a pretty forceful singer, so I had to find a way to have him a bit off the mic, without letting room reflections colour the sound. Both songs were done in just a couple of takes, plus overdubs.


Cat Power – Manhattan – Club Clique remix

Something the Clique DJs and I knocked up for DJing purposes last year. As Ms Marshall was in the UK recently, we thought we’d stick it up on the internet.

Can’t remember all the details of the production now, but it features me on live bass and e-bow guitar.

The basic idea was that the original is a sort of reflective, contemplating the city on the train to work in the morning song.  So we thought it would be good to get that song really drunk and take it out on a Saturday night.

Also remixed the video for good measure:

John Foxx – Underpass – Oh The Gilt remix – released at last

Well, after sitting on the shelf for seven months, this is finally out at the end of May. Still really pleased with this one.

Limited edition, all stamped and numbered.


East India Youth – Heaven How Long – Oh The Gilt Remix

East India Youth’s brilliant Hostel EP was the first release on The Quietus’s record label, and myself and Quietus editor John Doran, in our guise as Oh The Gilt did this remix for it.

An absolute joy to work on, great song, and a fantastic vocal performance. Lots of foley on this too, with the rain and all the weird metallic sounds being created in my flat.

In my mix room, I’ve got a TV over to the left of where I sit, that I can just about see out of the corner of my eye. I had Blade Runner on with the sound down while I mixed this one. Only realised later how appropriate it was, what with the rain and the general moodiness.

Mobile Studio Progress

Everything cased up and ready for testing. Currently setting up some free recording sessions to work out any minor issues. Full list of what’s in here on my Gear List page. But basically, 14 mics, portable acoustic treatment, 24 track digital recorder, 24 channel mixer, 8 output headphone amp, etc, and blah, and all kinds of other stuff that will turn your garage into Abbey Road for the day (resemblance to Abbey Road not guaranteed).

The idea is that I can come and get results for you even in fairly acoustically dodgy rooms. Why go to a studio to feel uncomfortable while an indifferent engineer sneers at your songs? Let me come to your place and help you make something beautiful in the place you play your best.



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